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Lexfund Management Inc. ("Lexfund") is a third-party litigation funding company. Lexfund offers funding for meritorious commercial litigation lawsuits. Funding is provided on a non-recourse basis: the plaintiff owes nothing if the case is lost.

Eligibility for Funding

  • Territory: We only fund cases that are subject to a Canadian court.
  • Excellent Likelihood of Success: A case submitted for consideration must be for monetary damages and have an excellent likelihood of success as determined by Lexfund.
  • The Creditworthiness of the Defendant: Our application asks if all the defendants are insured for the claim for which funding is sought and, if any of the defendants are not insured, we require financial information showing their capability to pay the award sought.
  • The Lawyer: The lawyer must be approved by Lexfund. We look at the lawyer’s experience in the area of law to which the claim relates and the lawyer’s retainer, whether it is on a contingency basis, hourly, or a hybrid of the two.
  • Minimum value of the litigation: $20 million.

Amount of Funding: A minimum of $250,000.

Funding Terms (including funder’s compensation): To be determined once the case has been reviewed. Some of the factors considered are the complexity, duration and risk of the case.

Application Process: Send us a Preliminary Submission Form (one page). We will notify you within 48 hours as to whether we go to the next step of the application process. The next step is that we will send you a full application for future consideration.

Funding: A signed Funding Agreement and Assignment Agreement are required once an application has been approved by Lexfund and Lexfund’s proposed terms have been accepted by the plaintiff. Funds are advanced after these Agreements are received.

Contact us: Mail: 303-7 Duke Street West, Kitchener, ON N2H 6N7. Email: lexfunding@lexfund.ca; Tel: 1.519.664.1907.

NOTE: The language of the funding documentation, not the text of this website, governs the terms and conditions of the funding.

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